Canemah Nature Interactive Media Experiments

Automatic Stitching of Two Live Webcam Feeds into a Single Panorama

In this experiment, I combine two separate webcam images into a seemless panorama using the program PtGui Pro to merge 2 or more images by identifiying common control points between the left and right images. This software blends the images and then outputs a single large panoramic scene. The stitcher is run in a batch mode, and is set up with a software timer (LaunchControl) that automatically runs the batch every 20 seconds. This proof of concept can be applied to two fisheye images, or multiple adjacent webcams to build ultra-wide giga-panoramas including spherical or photospherical scenes that update at a specified interval.

Auto-stitched every 20 seconds from the two live IP camera feeds using PTGui Pro, SecuritySpy Network Video Camera Software, and LaunchControl on a macOS server  

Left facing camera

Right facing camera