Canemah Nature Interactive Media Experiments

Constructing 3D models using iPhone 12 LIDAR, photogrammetry software, and drone photography

This project  demonstrates the use of an iPhone 12 Pro lidar scanner to generate 3D models of physical environments. The first model was built using an app called PolyCam, and models are uploaded to SketchFab for hosting and embedding on this website. I am just begining to explore realistic 3D modeling using handheld scanners like the iPhone.

The second 3D modeluses Agisoft Metashape to create 3D surface models from drone photography. Agisoft allows for building 3D models from photospheres, which I will explore in the near future.

An advanced application might incorporate 3D models with real-time camera feeds to visualize the structural dynamics of ecosystems or what I might call a time-lapse 3D reconstruction.